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   Kris Durso, LMT

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Stop the Chronic Pain Cycle Without Dangerous Medications

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist Kris Durso specializes in clinical, therapeutic deep tissue massage and myoskeletal alignment for rehabilitation from sports injuries, car accidents, personal and overuse injuries, chronic conditions, pain management, or just general maintenance from everyday wear and tear.

Get proven relief from migraines, chronic low back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, upper and lower cross syndrome, piriformis syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and seated posture syndrome.

At Ease Therapeutic Massage provides individualized, caring, and meaningful bodywork suited to your specific needs. Visit Kris's website at to learn more about the benefits of myoskeletal alignment and deep tissue bodywork.

Services Offered

All services $60 for 60 minutes , $80 for 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage, Myoskeletal Alignment, Swedish and Sports Massage   

Each of the services detailed below can and often are combined during your session based on your individual and specific needs. 

Deep Tissue Massage and Bodywork - decreases painful inflammation and irritation of soft tissue, clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, improves flexibility and range of motion in the affected area, rehabilitates Injured Muscles by facilitating the movement of toxins from the muscles and helping stretch tight or twisted muscle mass.

Myoskeletal Alignment - Myoskeletal Alignment techniques help remove pain and restore comfortable function using guided stretches and therapeutic touch. It focuses on relieving muscular restriction first, thereby restoring performance. By offering assistance to the body’s natural healing process, the therapist helps the client’s brain correct the underlying causes of pain and discomfort.

Swedish Massage - Reduces stress and blood pressure through smooth massage strokes covering the entire body.

Sports Massage - Based on the the three key principles of timing, technique and intent. Whether training for a 5K or recovering from your weekend sports league, the targeted principles of sports massage will help you perform your best.



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