Tune Up


This is for our clients who have done the new client visit within the past 2 years and either want to get back on track or take their health to the next level.

  • Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Saliva and Urine Tests

Live Blood Analysis: Live blood cell analysis is a powerful tool to visually see the microbial activity in blood and to learn firsthand about the ROT theory of aging and disease. Projected onto a large screen, you will see your blood live.

Nutritional Consultation: Our goal is to provide you with usable information that enables you to make the best choices concerning your health. We start out at your level and help build a solid foundation for your continued education.

Reams Testing – Saliva/Urine PH Tests: RBTI testing is a non-invasive seven-part test completed on fresh samples of urine and saliva. There are six tests done on the urine sample: total carbohydrate, pH, conductivity, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen & ammonia nitrogen. There is one test done on the saliva sample, which is pH. It is true real-time mathematical analysis of what is taking place within the electro-biochemical structure of the human body. It reveals the intricate cause and effect of the physiological dysfunctional patterns demonstrated through the urine and saliva analysis. This analysis will assist in revealing a life-style program for suited for each individual.       

Tune Up: $130