Zyto Balance Scan



Offered by Wellness Matters at About Your Health

 Brenda Tobin, D.Vet.Hom, Cert. C.N.

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What is a Zyto Balance Scan?
The Zyto Balance Scan consists of a hand cradle, which measures your Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). The information gathered is then evaluated by the software in the context of digital signatures. These signatures represent what is not in balance, or what is compromising your optimal health, including a wide range of things like food, environmental toxins, body organs, vertebra, teeth, meridians and more! Think of the Zyto scan as a questionnaire in which your GSR provides the answers!


How Can the Zyto Balance Scan help you?

• It provides an insight into your health! Based on your individual comprehensive report, we use the Zyto Balance Scan to help make recommendations regarding which remedies, supplements, nutrients, or therapies may be beneficial to you. This information may help you reach your wellness goals faster!

• Saves money- There are so many great supplements out there, but you do not need them all! The Zyto Balance Scan helps to determine which specific supplements benefit you!

• Tracks your Health- The Zyto Balance Scan gives you information at that
moment. You are given a comprehensive report which over time, and with
additional scans, can help you pay close attention to any patterns of imbalance.

Our goal is to bring you back into balance so you may enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Zyto Scan - $50 

Homeopathy Appointment- Price Varies

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