Aqua Chi Foot Bath

The Aqua-Chi Foot Bath is a non-invasive, water based energy system made to increase energy levels in living things. It is designed to combine the life giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electrical charge which amplifies the body's ability to heal itself.

Doing a foot bath helps the body detoxify by increasing the output from other eliminatory channels such as kidneys, liver & lymphatic system.

So, what does this mean for you? An Aqua-Chi Foot Bath session can:

  • Assist your body with detoxing

  • Energize your cells to aid your immune system

  • Provide a relaxing 30 minute health boosting therapy and more

Blood cell analysis before and after a foot bath.

Blood cell analysis before and after a foot bath.

Watch this short video to find out all about the Aqua Chi Foot Bath and what it really does. Also find recent research about the Aqua Chi Foot Bath here.

Some of the best results reported include detoxification, reduced inflammation, reduced recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function and improved sleep. The cumulative effects of these sessions have been reported to provide longer lasting benefits.

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If you are interested in purchasing an Aqua-Chi Foot Bath unit for your home or business, please contact us. We are a local Aqua-Chi Foot Bath seller.

Aqua Chi Foot Bath Session: $25

(April Special: Foot Baths are $15 for the month of April)