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   Leslie Boland, LMT

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Leslie is a professional therapist dedicated to promoting emotional, spiritual and physical health and well-being. It is a personal and professional goal of hers to offer outstanding affordable self-care.

She has trained in both America and South Africa and has 15 years experience. The study of many different modalities has allowed Leslie to formulate her own unique healing technique.

Her ability to merge various cultural modalities into a personalized package deal for your comfort and well-being, assists each customer in better understanding the messages their body is sending out. This helps to promote the sought after body, mind and spirit balance.

Leslie offers energy based clearings and is a dōTERRA wellness advocate. Visit Leslie's dōTERRA store if you are interested in purchasing essential oils.

Fall Package Special

1 Akashic Record Reading (1-3 questions) 30 minutes - Promotes empowerment, problem solving and personal growth + 3 Integrated Healing Sessions, 60 minutes each - Effective for seasonal allergies + 1 Dimensional Dowsing Session, 60 minutes - Get balanced, centered and healed on many levels. All of the above - $375 (a $435 value)

Services Offered

Integrated Healing Method: A very effective combination of multiple modalities to assist you with every aspect of your life. Sessions include powerful, body chosen affirmations, as well as effective non-medical, energy based allergy clearing. Sessions available in person, or as distance healing. Works well in conjunction with Dimensional Healing. 1 Session: 60 Mins. - $100 3 Sessions - 60 Mins. each - $285 6 Sessions - 60 Mins. each - $550

Dimensional Dowsing: This service is energy work at its best! During a session you will be balanced, centered, grounded and cleared on many different levels. This service can be used in conjunction with the Integrated Healing Method. Work is carried out on the chakras, various energy grids and many other areas. Sessions are available in person or as distance healing. 1 Session: 60 Mins. - $100 3 Sessions - 60 Mins. each - $285 6 Sessions - 60 Mins. each - $550

AromaTouch Technique: The doTERRA massage technique relaxes your muscles, easing tension and bringing peace. The specific use of a combination of essential oils ensures: Stress relief, supports the immune system, relieves pain and inflammation, ensures a return to homeostasis and aids lymphatic drainage. 1 Session: 45 Mins. - $60 3 Sessions: 45 Mins. each $150.

Reiki: This technique was developed in Japan and is a method of” hands on” healing for stress reduction and relaxation. When your life force is high, you’ll feel strong and confident, be more relaxed , centered and less likely to get sick. Your Reiki session will include an aura scrape and fluff, as well as the use of tuning forks and crystals. 1 Session: 60 Mins. - $100 90 Mins. $150 Add-on: Additional 15 Mins. $20

Akashic Records Reading: The Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.  An Akashic Records Reading is a question and answer session facilitated by Leslie, an Akashic Records Consultant, who poses your questions to the Akashic Records Keepers, and then relays the answers to you. Readings allow you to ask questions that will promote empowerment, effective problem solving, a better understanding of your life’s challenges and opportunities, as well as personal and spiritual growth and empowerment. 30 Mins. (1-3 questions) - $50 60 Mins. (1-5 questions) $100 Add-on: Additional 15 Mins. - $20

Mini Sessions: Due to popular demand! It is now possible to get assistance between any of the energy/reading sessions for those small things that need immediate attention. Suitable for quick and general balancing or for a quick answer to a questions that can’t wait.

15 Mins. - $25 30 Mins. - $50 45 Mins. - $100

Contact Leslie to make your appointment - 803-528-2119