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   Leslie Boland, LMT

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Leslie is a professional therapist dedicated to promoting emotional, spiritual and physical health and well-being. It is a personal and professional goal of hers to offer outstanding affordable self-care.

She has trained in both America and South Africa and has 10 years experience.

Her ability to merge various cultural modalities into a personalized package deal for your comfort and well-being, assists each customer in better understanding the messages their body is sending out. This helps to promote the sought after body, mind and spirit balance.

Leslie offers massage; energy based clearings and is a dōTERRA wellness advocate. If you are interested in purchasing dōTERRA oils please click here.

A note from Leslie - As the Christmas season draws near, thoughts turn to gift ideas for our loved ones. This can be a challenge at times, especially if rushed or choices have become limited for whatever reason. However, all is not lost and am happy to provide the following Gift Card options for your consideration:

AromaTouch Technique: A perfect technique that relaxes muscles, eases tension and brings peace. A specific blend of essential oils ensures - Stress relief, immune system support, pain relief, and a return to homeostasis! 45 minutes - $45 or 3 sessions - $120

Akashic Records Reading: Your questions are posed to the Akashic Record Keepers. Readings allow for promotion of empowerment, effective problem solving, a better understanding of your life's challenges and opportunities. Allows for personal and spiritual growth and empowerment. 30 minutes - $50 (1-3 Questions), 60 minutes - $100 (1-5 questions).

Reiki: Hands on healing at its best for stress reduction and relaxation. Session includes an aura scrape and fluff, as well as tuning forks & crystals. 60 minutes - $75, 90 minutes - $120.

Services Offered

Due to injury, massage is unavailable until further notice

Prenatal Massage (After 1st trimester w/ Dr. consent):                                           60 Minutes - $70.00, 90 Minutes $100                                                         Package: 3 Sessions-60 minutes $185 / 90 minutes $275

Reiki (Hands on Healing)- w/ use of crystals & tuning forks:                                 60 Minutes - $70.00, 90 Minutes - $100.00

Chakra Balancing (includes aura scrape & fluff, w/ use of crystals & tuning forks): 90 Minutes - $100.00

Energetic Clearing: Plagued with seasonal allergies & food sensitivities? This is a non-medical approach worth exploring.                  Initial Consultation- 60 minutes $60                                                        Appointments after initial consultation - 45-60 Minutes - $45.                  Package: 4 Sessions - $180, 8 Sessions - $350, 12 Sessions - $520, 16 Sessions - $690, 20 Sessions - $860 


Massage - Integrated (includes oils):  60 Minutes -  $70.00 / 90 Minutes $100                                                                                                                  Package: 3 Sessions - 60 minutes $200, 90 minutes $280

AromaTouch Technique (Relaxation only w/ dōTERRA Oils):                                50 Minutes -  $60.00 

Sacro Wedgy: Lower Back & Hip Pain: 40 Minutes                                    Package: 6 Sessions (includes kit with 2 wedgies and neck roll): $350                      

Foot Massage: 45 Minutes - $55.00 

Akashic Records Reading: 60 Minutes - $100



PACKAGES: Can be shared. Redeemable within 6 months. No Refunds.

Contact Leslie to make your appointment - 803-528-2119